Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music for Monsters: Bauhaus

I picked up Crackle by Bauhaus last week.

Then I had a few nightmares.

I'll admit, the first I heard of the band was an accidental download of their "Ziggy Stardust" cover. Their prime time was a little before mine, and if I had listened to them in junior high, I probably wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I do now.

One song--if you can even call it a song--stands out as a dark musical masterpiece. "Bella Lugosi's Dead" (known by some from the snooze-fest movie, The Hunger) is an amazing piece of noise. The lyrics are perfect for monster lovers: "The virginal brides file past his tomb..."

Other tunes stand out as deliciously dark and creepy..."Silent Hedges", "Hollow Hills"--the titles alone would make nice horror films/stories/novels.

At times the music is too new wave/post disco for this monster fan, but I'll suffer through the pulsing high hat just to have a taste of lead singer Peter Murphy's haunting voice, the scratchy guitars and menacing bass.

Good stuff, monster lovers--and they give a nod to Lugosi.


Nadia said...

Hi! I found your profile by searching who liked Danny Elfman. Can you believe that? I'm a fan of classic monsters, I really am. Also, though it is not in my profile, I used to be a great fan of Bauhaus. I discovered them in The Hunger, because, more than classic monsters, I am deeply in love with vampires. I do not tell this very often, because people believe weird things, so I just keep this info to myself. I just confess this when I believe it is ok. Well, I found your 3 blogs are interesting, but I am really enjoying this one about monsters. I'll be checking it often, hope you don't mind.

Aaron Polson said...

Glad to have a reader.